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Who we are

Our Clinic commenced practice in Feb 1996. We have prided ourselves on being innovative in the search for treatment options that create lasting results. You will find our staff highly qualified to deal with your concerns in a compassionate and caring way with honesty and professionalism. We are not a medical clinic trying to be a beauty spa and we are certainly not a beauty spa/ salon trying to be a medical clinic. We are fully laser certified under the very strict Tasmanian Laser safety regulations. You will be offered our free consultation such that you can evaluate us while we can evaluate whether we can indeed produce the results/look that you want!


Shannon Reynolds is a Cosmetic/Laser RN, and Beautician.

Shannon as a teenager suffered severe acne and always felt that none of her health professionals took her problem seriously. This created a burning passion for helping other people with their skin problems. After working in general nursing for 5 years she went on to complete her Diploma of Beauty Therapy in hope to gain a position in a clinic such as ours. She has taken to us like a fish to water. You will find her professional, engaging, friendly and helpful.




Phyllis Fillia Fraraccio is our Cosmetic Aesthetician.

Phyllis has been a Cosmetic Aesthetician for over 30 years. She has owned her own business and worked at various skin clinics in Hobart. She’s excellent at prescribing appropriate treatments for a range of common skin conditions including rosacea, broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation and much more. She also offers IPL laser hair reduction, skin rejuvenation treatments and tattoo removal. Phyllis is dedicated to helping you achieve amazing results.





img_8590-1Julianne Wignall is a Cosmetic and Laser Registered Nurse

Julianne is a Cosmetic and Laser Registered Nurse with a wealth of knowledge, knowing that what treatments are suitable for dealing with what problems. Julianne has worked with a 


famous orthopaedic surgeon to build and manage a prestigious Rejuvenation Clinic in Melbourne.

Over the past 10 years, Julian has carried out thousands of hardening treatments to deal with leg and ankle spider veins. She has come out of retirement to show Emma the ropes and operational protocols here.



Angela Hodge is our Business Development Manager.

Angela migrated to Hobart via Melbourne from Burnie. So she has experienced life in many different environments and cultures. When she saw that we needed someone with her skills, she jumped at the opportunity, because she had been a client of ours for over 8 years. In fact now she is a mother of two beautiful girls aged four and eight, so we have witnessed her journey from young adult to motherhood.

Having worked at Commbank dealing with client relationship management, she became a team leader. She gets a great sense of achievement when she has helped someone blossom into the next phase of their life. Over the coming months, she will be calling and visiting clients to discuss our services, and gain feedback on how we can improve our service.
You will seem like an old friend to you and when she has spare time, she likes to check up on us by calling you to make sure all is as it should be


img_8598Elizabeth Schreuder is our receptionist.

Elizabeth was born for the medical industry. Her father was a doctor, her mum a nurse. So whilst not professionally qualified to give advice, she will undoubtedly make sure you are organized to see the right person and will handle all your appointments and follow-ups with dedicated care. (and sometimes a smile haha!)

Lizzie’s hobbies are expressionist art – mainly portraiture and general coincidentally riding horses.

You will find that Lizzie is exceedingly accommodating. And She will happily make you a cuppa to make you feel at home whilst you wait – not too long we hope.



peterMr Peter Martin founded Bioscor in 1996; he has been a compounding pharmacist since 1975 owning the 1st nutritional medicine and diabetic speciality pharmacy in Hobart. He has always maintained an interest in skin conditions and has great success treating many problematic conditions. Peter started his association with Bioscor (Tas) in May 1992 when he discovered the Bioscor Hair Regrowth Program and on June 16 1996 Peter Hodgman MHA opened Bioscor the aesthetic centre in its current location.Peter is undoubtedly one of the most experienced cosmetic pharmacist’s and IPL technicians in Australia, his caring nature and passion for helping people will make your experience at the aesthetic laser centre unique.