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Pigmentation and Melasma


What is melasma?

It is a common pigment disorder which occurs usually in women of all racial and ethnic groups and presents as brown to grey patches, with irregular and borders. The pigmented patches are usually sharply demarcated and symmetrical. This is a condition that occurs predominantly on the face.

What Causes melasma?

Ultraviolet sunlight exposure appears to be the most significant factor in causing melasma. UVA rays are a stimulant for melanin to develop in the skin. A change in hormonal status (high levels of oestrogen) can be a trigger for this condition, i.e. oral contraceptive pills, meds with high oestrogen content and pregnancy. There are many women without these risk factors who still develop melasma.

Lower your risk

In addition to wearing the protection of a hat and sunglasses, when outdoors for extended periods, it is essential to also use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide SPF30 to block UVA rays.


For a visibly brighter looking skin. Our laser is US FDA cleared for the treatment of Melasma. Our doctor will conduct a thorough examination of your skin to determine the regime required for treating your melasma.

A combined approach of home-care and in salon peels will be required to reveal the deeper pigment before laser treatments can begin. Treatment programs vary per person and may be up to 6-8 sessions over 3-4 weeks. The laser procedure is not painful and has been described as a gentle elastic band flick on the skin. However, to ensure your comfort during treatment, We offer numbing and anaesthetic cream two options.

Post-treatment sunscreen use and avoidance of excessive sun exposure while your skin is recovering, is essential to avoid re-pigmentation.


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