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Permanent Electrolysis Hair Removal

We now offer Blend electrolysis

Blend electrolysis also called dual action method, uses a combination of galvanic and thermolysis damage to an active hair follicle, delivered via a small needle to kill the hair growth. This blend electrolysis is much less painful than the traditional version of electrolysis and is very effective at killing stubborn hairs. At The aesthetic laser centre we combine both IPL/laser hair reduction with electrolysis if needed for those hard to kill white hairs on the chin and lip. Prices are charged by time frames. We offer a 15 min appointment and 30 min appointment. Our trained therapist can explain the best treatment plan for you to achieve the best results possible in a Free Consultation.

Unfortunately due to the time-consuming nature of this treatment we will only be offering Electrolysis for facial areas not including small fluffy hairs. These hairs are very difficult to treat with very slow results. 
If you haven’t tried electrolysis before you may have some questions you’d like to ask – book a free consultation with Shannon who will assess your treatment needs and answer any questions you have. If you’re feeling nervous please be assured we are here to help and have likely treated others with the same issue many times before.

Does it hurt?

You may feel a slight “sting” like sensation with each follicle being treated. Skin may feel warm after a treatment.

In most cases, clients tolerate the treatment well. However, you may wish to apply an anaesthetic cream such as ‘Emla’ to numb the area 30min prior to your treatment.

How long is each treatment?

Treatment time depends on what area is being treated and the amount of hair present. Hair on the chin for example may take approx. 10-15min. Treatment may be required on a fortnightly basis to target hair at its growth phase.

How many treatments will I need?

Due to the cycle of hair growth, several sessions are required to permanently stop regrowth of the hair. When the hair is in its growing phase (Anagen), only then treatment with electrolysis is most effective in destroying the cells responsible for the growth of the hair.

If all cells are not destroyed the hair will grow back finer, softer and lighter. With continued treatments, it will eventually result in the follicle being unable to produce another hair.

Electrolysis in comparison to other treatment modalities is classified by the FDA as a permanent hair removal method.

What is the interval between treatments?

Treatment can be performed on a fortnightly basis.