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Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins and Thread Veins

Sclerotherapy for Spider veins and thread veins

Sclerotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting a solution into unwanted spider veins; these may appear as bluish or red in colour and are a common problem, particularly in women.

Causes of varicose or spider veins

In many cases, the cause of varicose or spider veins is not known.  However, in many cases, they run in families and women seem to be more prone than men. This may be due to pregnancy or normal hormone fluctuations such as menopause.

Other contributing factors include:

  • Standing or sitting for long periods
  • Being immobile for long periods of time. i.e. (being confined to bed)
  • Lack of exercise


How Sclerotherapy works

The solution, which is injected into the veins, is called a sclerosant.  It causes the vein to close by irritating the blood vessel so that it swells and sticks together.  This process causes the vein to fade over the next week or two so they can no longer be seen.

Is sclerotherapy painful?

The needle is very fine and the pinprick is barely noticeable.  The sclerosant is a bit stingy but doesn’t last for long.

Following treatment

To improve the blood circulation it is essential to walk every day.  Support stockings are recommended after the treatment of varicose veins but are not necessary when injecting small spider veins.

  • No heavy exercise for 48 hours. i.e. gym work or sport.
  • No running for 48 hours
  • No swimming for 48 hours
  • No soaking in a bath for 48 hours.

Possible side effects

  • Bruising and/or swelling– usually at the injection site, this will disappear within a couple of weeks
  • Brown lines or spots – these may appear on the skin at the injection site and occurs when blood escapes from the treated vessel into the skin tissue.  This discolouration is caused by the iron in the blood and will disappear in time.  In a small number of people (less than 5%), the brown lines may last up to a year or more.  It is not recommended to take iron supplements while having sclerotherapy treatment.

Things to remember

  • Sclerotherapy is the injection of a substance into the spider veins
  • Most people receive a significant improvement in the appearance of spider veins.
  • You will need 1 or 2 treatments approximately 1 month apart and then an annual maintenance treatment.
  • Side effects can include bruising, swelling or brown lines or spots

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