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Acne and Acne Scarring

Acne scars are permanent textural changes and indentations that occur on the skin because of severe acne. As the bumps and lumps of active acne come and go, it often leaves our skin red, irritated, inflamed and uneven. This is what we call acne scarring. This can be treated with medically prescribed medicine however acne medication does not always get to the root of the problem, often causing another acne flare up once off the medication.

As we age, acne scars often become more noticeable because our skin loses collagen. Acne scarring on the face appears as damage to the skin texture with depressed (or indented) areas of assorted sizes, whilst the back and chest scars tend to be raised and lumpy. Scars are can appear to be normal skin colour or dark and more noticeable, especially on fair skin. Some keloid scars can remain red for many years.

This can affect an individuals’ confidence or self-esteem. Luckily, we have a range of active acne and acne scarring treatments to help get to the source of the problem and give you and your skin its confidence & radiance back!

Through the use of scientifically researched skin care products and medically advanced treatments, the aesthetic laser centre has been successfully treating acne since 1996.  We create individual programs for each client to treat a range of problems including active acne and acne scarring. These programs use specific treatments which aim to prevent acne by removing excess dead skin cells and suppressing oil gland activity, as these two problems are the main cause of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

The medically active skincare products we use combat active acne, and promote skin rejuvenation to help with acne scarring, most importantly these products are designed for long-term use. The products we sell can be used for the face and the body.

Acne and acne scarring treatments include:

New FDA-Approved Laser Treatment Cures Acne Scarring – Picosure

Picosure laser treatment rejuvenates the skin and removes skin irregularities including hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, and sun exposure, tattoos etc. It is a very safe treatment that creates a photomechanical impact (Pioseconds of pulse width which are so ultra short they deliver a mechanical impact) to remove damaged layers of the skin without harming the healthy skin surrounding it. The light also helps stimulate collagen production and produces new skin cells in the underlying layers to reveal younger looking as well as scar-free skin. In each session, layer by layer of damaged skin is removed to reveal the healthy skin beneath. Picosure treatment thus helps not only patients with heavy acne scarring but also people who wish to remove their tattoos.

More info about Picosure Laser

More info about Picosure

Microdermabrasion and extraction

Using a vacuum mechanism, a microdermabrasion gently applies fine crystals to the skin. This results in intense exfoliation and stimulates circulation in order to produce collagen. Microdermabrasion’s can be used to treat acne scarring and active acne. We offer two types of microdermabrasion’s, medical grade and cosmetic. For more severe cases the medical grade microdermabrasion is used as it offers a more intensive exfoliation.


Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) LED Light Therapy

At the Aesthetic Laser Centre, we offer the PDT 2000, which had a red light of 630nm and a blue light of 430nm. The role of the blue light is to eradicate the P-acne bacteria. To plump up collagen the red light is used. This will smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, as well as evening out skin tone and pigmentation. Using PDT in conjunction with a photosensitive topical solution can be used to treat stubborn acne and ongoing skin problems. The use of the photosensitizer makes cells more receptive to light. By exposing the cells to a specific wavelength of light, the damaged cells are killed by a form of oxygen produced.acne 2

Intense Pulsed Light

The newest cutting-edge technology designed to significantly improve skin products is IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment. It successfully treats, age spots, freckles, acne, hair removals, sun spots, pigmentation, moles, removes red spots and fades Port Wine Stains (red birthmarks). Using a broad spectrum of light IPL targets the problem area by directing light through a light filter. The light stimulates new collagen production to soften and lessen the appearance of acne scarring and targets unsightly blood vessels making them fade and disappear.

IPL Laser Treatment For Acne scarring

Dermastamp-Skin Needling for Scarring


The Dermastamp’s scar reduction therapy procedure works by releasing old fibrotic scar tissue deep within the skin. Scar tissue is what creates visible scars on the skin’s surface. The treatment will repair the skin naturally, working below the surface in the dermis. This takes time as new collagen & elastin fibres are formed, softening scars, generating new skin cells & enhancing blood supply. Results can be seen within 6 weeks, and a total of 70-80% improvement of scars*.

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