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Treat Spider veins on the Leg with Cynergy Laser

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 Treat Spider veins on the upper Leg with Cynergy Laser

Leg Spider veins 

Spider veins commonly appear on the legs. These can be caused by many different factors including genetic predisposition and type of job you do. They usually do not pose any health risk and are just a cosmetic annoyance.

Only specific laser treatment can clear these. Spider veins and vascular lesions is a relatively easy and inexpensive condition to resolve.


About Cynergy Vascular Laser Treatment


Cynergy Vascular laser can help break down small broken capillaries the appear in the upper thigh area in just a few treatments.

Sometimes where the vessels are larger, it may take multiple treatments – In some cases, injectable Sclerotherapy may be performed by our Registered Nurse, for a quicker result. Our nurse will then get you back in to tidy up any loose ‘cobwebs’ left behind with the laser, for a flawless finish on your legs ready for summer and shorts! (INJECTABLE SCLEROTHERAPY CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE TILL MID 2021)

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Cynergy Vascular Laser– Spider Veins / Leg Veins Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Most people find this treatment extremely comfortable and there is really no pain. The laser is used to heat the area of the vascular lesion. Overall it is a very comfortable treatment.

Is it a safe treatment?

We use TGA and FDA approved device called Cynergy Laser, this is the latest generation laser. This is 100% safe and many thousands of treatments have been performed over the years. Cynosure have perfected this technology to treat vascular lesions, Spider Veins and Leg Veins.

How many treatments are required

The average number is between 3-6 treatments. In some cases you see the vascular lesion improve immediately.

What is the downtime or recovery after a treatment?

There is no real downtime after a treatment. There is a bit of redness and heat on the face after the treatment. This will ease within a few hours. The laser is not disrupting the integrity of the skin therefore there isn’t any skin heating. The laser heats the hemoglobin and the stimulated circulatory system clears the affected area. There isn’t any noticeable sign of healing as the healing is under the skin.


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